Unlock the power of Photoshop

A six week workshop to help you become a more efficient and effective designer.

Most designers have a basic idea of what Photoshop is. If nothing else, you have probably opened it, browsed around, gotten discouraged, and closed it again—saying that you’d master it later when you had the time. There is also a chance that you are the person who had been using Photoshop for many years but recognize that you are only skimming the surface when it comes to unlocking Photoshop’s potential for your business.

Adobe Photoshop is an extremely powerful program with countless options, tools, and settings that can open up a world of opportunity for designers. Photoshop enables designers to create artwork that is more authentic and representative of their true artistic style, and with the proper training and guidance it will probably become your “go-to” tool for digital artwork development!


Introducing Photoshop for Designers

Your artistic style and creative spirit does not have to be inhibited by software or the digital art world. The two can come together in an amazing collaborative effort. With this workshop, our goal is to help you discover the most efficient and effective use of the program while creating the artwork that you love to design.


This six week workshop will enable you to:

* Choose which Photoshop tools to use to do the best job of bringing your ideas to life.

* Digitally paint in Photoshop using the various brushes and settings available.

* Create digital artwork based off your paintings and drawings.

* Confidently market your Photoshop skills and services to clients and hiring managers.

* Create images that remain easy to change at any point without losing work; it’s the ultimate “Undo” command!


This workshop was invaluable in figuring out how to take my original oil painting with cropped edges and digitally complete the design so it would look better printed on fabric. My client loves it and I’m already onto the next project.


Upon completion of the workshop you’ll be more confident in your Photoshop skills and leave the workshop feeling inspired and ready to begin using Photoshop to develop digital artwork. Are you curious what you can develop using Photoshop? Here are a few real world examples from Michelle and Chelsea’s portfolio:


PS examples

Our next workshop is scheduled for Fall 2017.



Photoshop for Designers is for:

  • Designers who want to learn how to effectively use Photoshop in a way that compliments their artistic style;
  • In-house designers who want to increase productivity and bring new ideas to their design teams;
  • Artists who want to take their existing artwork into the digital world;
  • Designers at all levels, no prior Photoshop experience is needed
  • And, freelance designers who want to increase productivity and begin charging more for their time.


Workshop Schedule

The Photoshop for Designers workshop is six weeks long and includes weekly assignments with personalized feedback.

Week One: Brushes

Day One: Brush tools and color (5 videos)
Day Two: Blend modes and history (3 videos)
Day Three: Basic selections and fills (2 videos)
Day Four: More selections and fills (1 video)
Day Five: Basic brush creation (2 videos)


Week Two: Editing

Day One: Basics of non-destructive editing (3 videos)
Day Two: More about layers (5 videos)
Day Three: Working precisely and creating set repeats (4 videos)
Day Four: Moving and arranging (3 videos)
Day Five: Creating tossed and four-way repeats (3 videos)


Week Three: Break week to catch up on lessons, complete assignments and get feedback on your work

Week Four: Working with scans

Day One: Scanning in black and white (4 videos)
Day Two: Fixing a scan (5 videos)
Day Three: Color processing (4 videos)
Day Four: Replacing colors, part 1 (3 videos)
Day Five: Replacing colors, part 2 (2 videos)


 Week Five: Working with images

Day One: Healing images (4 videos)
Day Two: More healing tools (3 videos)
Day Three: Removing image backgrounds (2 videos)
Day Four: Image extraction part 2 (1 video)
Day Five: Image extraction part 3 (2 videos)


Week Six: Break week to catch up on lessons, complete assignments and get feedback on your work


It’s so good to find a PS course that is specifically for textile design, brilliant!!! I’d have no chance of learning this stuff anywhere ‘in house’ as I work from home!


Levels of learning

The Basic Workshop is just $299 and includes:

  • 61 downloadable video tutorials for designers at all levels,
  • Access to the private Photoshop for Designers forum where you can post your work for feedback and ask questions throughout the six week workshop,
  • And, four assignments to put your new Advanced Photoshop skills to use immediately—a wonderful way to learn!


Join the Master Class for just $399!

You’ll get EVERYTHING IN THE BASIC WORKSHOP plus live group coaching during 3 LIVE Webinars! Each webinar is full of the practical teaching you expect from Sherry London and includes screen sharing AND Live Q&A. Let Sherry help you take what you’re learning and apply it immediately to your design work.


Our next workshop is scheduled for Fall 2017.




Learn from an industry expert…

Adobe expert Sherry London developed this six week workshop with surface pattern designers, graphic designers and artists in mind. Sherry has written over a dozen books on Photoshop, Illustrator, and Painter, plus taught Photoshop and Illustrator. She is also a surface pattern designer and this gives her a unique, invaluable insight for the workshop. She will be available throughout the Photoshop for Designers workshop to answer questions and guide you through the materials.



Will I personally get feedback on my assignments?

Yes. Sherry’s feedback will focus more on the technical side of the work than its artistic merits to help you get the most efficient and effective use of the program.

What if I discover that the workshop isn’t for me?

You have five days to ask for a refund, no questions asked.

Will I learn how to create pattern layouts?

No. This is a Photoshop course. Pattern layouts are covered in The Textile Design Lab.

What version of Photoshop do you use?

Sherry uses Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud, the most up-to-date version of Photoshop available.













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