Unlock the power of Photoshop

Your creative spirit does not have to be inhibited by software or the digital art world. The two can come together in an amazing collaborative effort.

We'll show you how.

Effectively use Photoshop in a way that compliments your artistic style

Imagine being able to take your existing artwork into the digital world with confidence

"It’s so good to find a PS course that is specifically for textile design, brilliant!!! I’d have no chance of learning this stuff anywhere ‘in house’ as I work from home!" -Samantha O'Malley

November 18, 2019

Adobe Photoshop is an extremely powerful program with countless options, tools, and settings that can open up a world of opportunity for designers.

Photoshop enables designers to create artwork that is more authentic and representative of their true artistic style, and with the proper training and guidance it will become your “go-to” tool for digital artwork development.

In this 6-week course you'll discover the most efficient and effective use of the program while creating the artwork that you love to design.

Photoshop for Designers will enable you to:


Photoshop for Designers 1

Know which Photoshop tools to use to bring your ideas to life

Create digital artwork based off your paintings and drawings

Digitally paint in Photoshop using the brushes and settings available

Confidently market your Photoshop skills to clients and hiring managers

...and more!

"This workshop was invaluable in figuring out how to take my original oil painting with cropped edges and digitally complete the design so it would look better printed on fabric. My client loves it and I’m already onto the next project." -Ashley Cecil

Photoshop for Designers is held within the Textile Design Lab membership community and includes...

61 tutorials for designers at all levels

4 assignments to put your new Advanced Photoshop skills to use immediately

Feedback from instructors

Access to a weekly live art critique

Access to all Textile Design Lab courses, design tutorials, trainings and design challenges

To register for this members-only course, pay just $49.00/month to start your membership. No commitment. Cancel anytime.

Course Schedule

Lessons are released Monday-Friday during weeks 1, 2, 4 & 5. Weeks 3 & 6 are break weeks, giving you time to catch up on all lessons and complete the exercises. All lessons include closed captioned videos.

Week One: Brushes

Day One: Brush tools and color
Day Two: Blend modes and history
Day Three: Basic selections and fills
Day Four: More selections and fills
Day Five: Basic brush creation

Week Two: Editing

Day One: Basics of non-destructive editing
Day Two: More about layers
Day Three: Working precisely and creating set repeats
Day Four: Moving and arranging
Day Five: Creating tossed and four-way repeats

Week Three: Break week

We'll use this week to catch up on lessons, complete assignments and get feedback on your work

Week Four: Working with scans

Day One: Scanning in black and white
Day Two: Fixing a scan
Day Three: Color processing
Day Four: Replacing colors, part 1
Day Five: Replacing colors, part 2

Week Five: Working with images

Day One: Healing images
Day Two: More healing tools
Day Three: Removing image backgrounds
Day Four: Image extraction part 2
Day Five: Image extraction part 3

Week Six: Break week

We'll use this week to catch up on lessons, complete assignments and get feedback on your work


Will I personally get feedback on my assignments? Yes! By taking Photoshop for Designers within the Lab you will get feedback on all your work and questions. 

What if I discover that the course isn’t for me? You have five days to ask for a refund, no questions asked.

Are marketing, repeats, pattern layouts or collection development covered in this course? No, but if you take Photoshop for Designers within the Lab you will have access to all the courses and tutorials that cover these topics.

Am I locked into a long-term contract when I join the Lab? No. All Textile Design Lab memberships are set to automatically renew, but these payments can be cancelled at anytime.

Will I be able to download the videos? Our Textile Design Lab tutorials are not available for download at this time.

What version of Photoshop do you use? Photoshop for Designers is in Creative Cloud, the most up-to-date version of Photoshop available.

I have experience in Photoshop. Is this course for me? If you have previous experience in Photoshop you might prefer our more advanced course, Photoshop for Designers 2. Both courses will be posted in the Textile Design Lab.

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