Featured Designer: Alice Prina

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To wrap up the week we are so thrilled to share the work of Alice Prina, an illustrator and pattern designer from Brazil and an absolute master of paintbrush and pencil. Her highly detailed work had my jaw on the floor this morning as I giddily perused her blog.

Alice writes, “As you can see, I love working with handmade prints and painting materials. All the elements I select to create my patterns are originally sketched, painted, made by my own hands! I try to see many references before creating something, especially when it includes cultural elements. And even when I use photography as reference or part of my creations, I always use photos taken by me.” (Great advice–take heed!)

“I have already made many prints for Brazilian brands and some international brands like C&A and Perry Ellis International. Now, I work creating patterns following a briefing sent by the clients but I also have my personal pattern catalog where I sell my patterns with exclusivity. Its is secret and I only allow clients to see the material. 🙂

You can see more of my work in my blog or in my Behance page.”

See if you can fit in even 20 or 30 minutes with a sketchbook or paintbrush this weekend. Skill like Alice’s takes many hours, weeks, months, even years to build up to, and really the only way to get there is to practice practice practice! Have fun and enjoy this process of growing and developing your artistic style. (Looking for a more guided approach? Join us in The Textile Design Lab for our most popular e-course, The Sellable Sketch.) -Chelsea

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