Pattern Observer Instagram Challenge Recap: Quilting

*Post by Chris Olson, who helped us organize the challenge!


Quilting patterns are trending over at Pattern Observer on Instagram. A big thank you to everyone who joined the Pattern Observer photo challenge. Today we’re sharing a few of our faves from the submissions. If you want to check out the entire challenge just search for #PatternObserverQuilting and #PatternObserver on Instagram. To keep informed about upcoming challenges, please join the Pattern Observer newsletter.

Participating in social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are excellent ways to build relationships with other artists—as well as a way to get recognized by art directors or buyers in the textile design industry. You can read more about this topic in our recent post: Build your Brand: Five Ways to Get Recognized in the Quilting Industry.

Floral – Top row: @taraannemorin;; @wild_coral. Row 2: @sarekauniquedesigns; @positive_fabrics; @jocelynfriis.
Geos – Top row: @sarahbertochi; @sarahbertochi; @psokol. Row 2: @sylbie365; @brendazapotosky; @lisarivas.
Novelty – Top row: @loesvanoosten; @krimmelina; @zaramartinadesigns. Row 2: @adamandia_k; @rebeccastoner; @brendazapotosky.
International – Top row: @relatingtonature; @sylbie365; @karendreyfusdesign. Row 2: @habibaartsystudio; @jocelynfriis; @katecruisedesign.
Behind-the-scenes – Top row: @jocelynfriis; @britzh; @zaramartinadesigns. Row 2: @nikitacoulombe; @angelia3armstrong; @britzh.
Paint, pens, and markers – Top row: @karendreyfusdesign; @rebeccastoner; @sarahbertochi. Row 2: carollelivelt; @jenl_designs; @krimmelina.

8 Comments on “Pattern Observer Instagram Challenge Recap: Quilting

  1. This was fun. Love the artwork! Thanks for featuring me!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing a couple of my designs! It’s lovely to see what is trending at Pattern Observer.

  3. Whao! Just discovered this post thanks to FB and Liz Pérez. Fabulous challenge this was an truly enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one. Thank You! …and kudos to Chris Olson and all her help!

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