June in the Textile Design Lab

Summer is almost here and we have lots of exciting events taking place in the Lab! Here’s what’s happening this month:

Print Studio Workgroup

Is your portfolio finalized and are you ready to apply to print studios? We’re here to help! From Monday, June 10th – Friday, July 12th the TDL is running its fourth Print Studio Workgroup. During this workgroup members work through the process of:

  • Researching studios in the marketplace;
  • Making small updates to their website;
  • Preparing marketing materials;
  • And, eventually reaching out to print studios for representation.

The workgroup is a wonderful experience, and many of the participants have gone on to land freelance positions with the studios they contacted. You can read some of their stories here.

Summer of Creativity

Please join us for the Summer of Creativity, which is being hosted this June 17th-August 12th inside the Textile Design Lab. During this time, our online community is devoting eight weeks to exploring their brand identity and creating pattern collections that tell their unique stories. This is done through a thoughtful, pro-growth itinerary and series of high-value tutorials. Here are some other advantages to assist all participants in this amazing summer:

  • Free access to WGSN throughout the duration of the eight-week course
  • Feedback from our team of instructors through our private forums
  • Access to weekly live art critiques, held every Thursday at 1PM Eastern (calls are recorded for those unable to attend)
  • Free access to ALL Textile Design Lab courses, design tutorials, marketing lessons, and design challenges
  • An opportunity to be featured on the Pattern Observer blog
  • 6 new and exciting design tutorials and presentations to promote brand discovery and exploration

Sisters Gulassa

And last but not least…we are thrilled to welcome back the Sisters Gulassa to the TDL! In Part Two of their presentation Cyrille and Lise will explore their creative process and the concept of Authenticity in design.

In addition to group studies, we also offer a monthly design challenge, weekly live art critiques, a private forum where you can receive feedback from our team members and get to know your fellow Lab members from around the world, monthly guest expert trainings, an extensive resource guide including agent and studio listings, and lots more. We look forward to having you in the Textile Design Lab community this summer!

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