Monthly Vignette: May 2014

Music: Music: “Sun Ray” (CC BY-SA 3.0) by Conveyor

It brings us so much joy here at Pattern Observer to share the work of so many talented designers in the field of surface design! The downside is that with all the great work we get to feature, each post only has a brief time at the top of the blog. The monthly vignettes are our way of looking back on the work we featured the previous month and giving each post a second opportunity to be seen. Throughout the month of May some truly amazing designers graced the front page of Pattern Observer! We highlighted Surtex exhibitors (many of them first time exhibitors!) here and here, we featured the fabulous Surface Pattern Design Special Guide from UPPERCASE Magazine, and a guest book review by Manisha Harkins on Digital Textile Design, Second Edition by Melanie Bowles and Ceri Isaac. It was also our privilege to share the fun geos and beautiful nature-inspired prints of Claudia Soria, stunning hand-painted designs by San Francisco-based textile designer Sarah York, two beautifully crafted collections created by Mastering Your Market alum Amanda Prouten, and tons more!

Please enjoy this short video, and if you would like to explore any of the featured posts in more depth, simply scroll down and click back through previous pages of the blog, or use the search bar. Hope you all have a wonderful, pattern-filled June! -Chelsea


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