Textile Design Lab Member Highlight: Scandinavia

This Monday we launched into week six of our eight week Summer of Creativity journey in the Textile Design Lab. This year’s theme is travel, and each week we explore a new “destination.” So far we have visited Cape CodJapanMalaysia & Singapore, Scotland, and last week we explored Scandinavia.

Our Textile Design Lab members were provided with two briefs–one for holiday-themed home decor, and one for the children’s market. We are continually impressed each week by the amazing patterns our members have created and are so excited to share some of that work with you in today’s post. Congrats to all the members who completed last week’s brief and I look forward to sharing more patterns with you next week!



(L) Collection by Christa Schoenbrodt (R) Collection by Chris Olson


(L) Pattern by Carrie Esplin (R) Collection by Lucy Conway


(L) Pattern by Gill Ferguson (R) Pattern by Claudia Negru


(L) Pattern by Susan Brand (C) Pattern by Valerie Knight (R) Pattern by Linda Tajirian


(L) Collection by Toile de Lina (R) Pattern by Natacha Devaud


(L) Collection by Sandra Moura dos Santos (R) Pattern by Terry Stone


(L) Collection by Kelly Lahl (R) Collection by John Wylie


(L) Collection by Álex Roda (R) Collection by Crystal Kruger


(L) Collection by Marit Cooper (R) Pattern by Roseanna Jiggins


(L) Pattern by Sarah Nussbaumer (R) Pattern by Stephanie Nehme


(L) Collection by Elena Moore (R) Collection by Jill Craig


(L) Collection by Judy Anderson (R) Collection by Leigh Cornell


(L) Collection by Fiona Cowell (R) Collection by Beatrice Kim

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