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TDL Webinar 9_17_14

In this webinar we discussed:

1. How to organize print files for clients

2. Branding and websites

3. Trends

4. The upcoming Mastering Your Market Workshop!

Links mentioned:

1. Tara Reed’s Product Mock-Up Magic

2. Phyllis Dobb’s “Create Product Mockups



Featured Designer: Julia Grifol


What better way to wrap up the week than with these super fun prints from Julia Grifol! Julia is a Spanish designer with diplomas in fashion design and illustration after 8 years of study. She has a special interest in designing for the children’s market, and is currently promoting and licensing her work abroad to several American brands.

“I have worked as a freelance designer for more than 20 years for lots of Spanish brands. I am devoting my work to surface and pattern textiles now, and I am working very hard to license my work and happy with all I have got in these 18 months of promoting my work!

I have just signed for licensing with two new brands, DiaNoche Designs for home products and Like My Case for iPhone cases and travel cases. I have also licensed 34 designs with Kess in House.”

Julia currently accepts commissions and collaborative projects. To get in touch or to see more of her work visit her blog, her Spoonflower shop, or her Society6 portfolio. Have a great weekend! -Chelsea

Mastering Your Market Alumni Bel Lefosse and María Agra

Mastering Your Market is our six week intensive workshop that will open up a world of new opportunities for your business. You’ll dig deeper into a market that you already love, explore new markets, try new artistic techniques and make new industry contacts. You’ll grow, you’ll be challenged and you’ll be inspired to create. The course begins on September 29th and registration is now open here. To celebrate the upcoming MYM (which is the last time we will be offering the workshop in 2014) we will be featuring some of our amazing alumni collections, starting with today’s designers, Bel Lefosse and María Agra. Enjoy!
Bel Lefosse
Collection# 1 – Bambolse (Decorated)

“My first MYM collection was geared toward the fashion market with the Creative Capital customer in mind. Although I already have experience in this industry, the feedback from Michelle and Lesley was invaluable and extremely helpful.

I was inspired by the houses of Kassena people, an ethnic group that lives in a village in West Africa. I love working with ethnic motifs and I tried to explore them using a crayon texture.”

COLLECTION2 BEL LEFOSSECollection# 2 – Neutral Tribalism

“This second collection was created targeting the Home Decor market. I’m very drawn to ethnics so I wanted to keep exploring this theme mixing it with geometric shapes. I found this collection really challenging as I love to use a lot of colours in my work and I had to try to keep my palette simple. Also I wanted it to be appealing both for women and men.”

COLLECTION3 BEL LEFOSSE (1)Collection# 3 – Bobbin

“This was by far the most challenging collection as it was the first time I was designing specifically for the quilting market. Based on my trend research I wanted to incorporate the delicacy of the lace with the romanticism of the roses but giving it a modern twist with the vibrant colours and a digital “painterly” look.”

My MYM Experience

“This course exceeded my expectations! All the knowledge shared by Michelle, Chelsea and the industry professionals was invaluable for my career. What I loved the most about this experience was to use trend research when developing my own designs and also all the support for the other designers in the class. I’ve learned new techniques and different ways of working. It was a great investment!

See more from Bel at


María Agra

MariaAgra_apparel-collectionApparel Collection (Poolside Paradise)

“The inspiration behind this collection for the juniors market was the retro, summery vibe and vibrant colors of 60′s and 70′s California, adding a touch of fun, and the pastel tones by the customer. The prints were created using photography, gouache, ink, and vectors.”

Maria Agra_quilting_collectionQuilting Collection (Confetti)

“The inspiration behind my quilting collection was the customer, young women that favor simple motifs and bright colors, especially shades of blue, that use quilting fabrics in lots of DIY projects. The theme is a confetti party, full of color and fun, that I have tried to represent through the use of basic colors and scribble-like motifs and brushstrokes, created with rubber stamps, watercolor and markers.”

My MYM Experience

“I had a lot of fun taking part in the workshop, but I would say I especially appreciate the fact that I have gained confidence, I know exactly which markets are more suitable for my style and preferences, and have a clearer picture of the textile design market in general. Although the course is packed with information, the most valuable part for me were the experts’ reviews, that really pushed me to move forward and improve the quality of my artwork.”

See more from María at her website, or her blog,

Found Patterns: Art Supplies

FoundPatterns_PatternObserver7Images via: (Clockwise from top)  “Pastels” by Tony Hisgett (cropped from original) “Color Burst” by Donna McNiel,  Pastels” by Tony Hisgett (cropped from original) Paints” by Quinn Dombrowski (cropped from original),  “coloring” by Donna McNiel,  Art supplies” by Celeste Lindell (cropped from original)

Lola & Eliana at Indigo Paris

Lola y ElianaIndigo Paris is a “creative textile and surface design show” which begins today, September 16th, and runs through Thursday the 18th.

Textile Design Lab alumna Lola San Román and her design partner Eliana Castillo are exhibiting at the show for the first time under the studio name “Lola & Eliana” and will be presenting a range of colorful hand-drawn and hand-painted prints for sale. If you are attending the show be sure to stop by booth number 5U51 to see more of their beautiful designs!

These two talented designers specialize in “artistic mediums to develop new patterns for the apparel manufacturers that want something unique, trendy and hand made. We value handmade work more than anything. The digital media is a great tool for our work but nothing will ever replace that line, or brush stroke done by hand, it has its own personality and charm. Infinitely inspired by nature and contemporary trends, you will discover prints that are not only one of a kind but also boast of a philosophy of being unique and beautiful. Thank you for your interest!”Lola y Eliana-2Lola y Eliana-3

See more from Lola and Eliana at their respective websites here and here, and Facebook pages here and here, and don’t forget to visit booth 5U51 if you are at Indigo! -Chelsea