Featured Designer: Stephanie Breeze of Breeze Design Studio

Stephanie Breeze featured on Pattern Observer https://patternobserver.com/2016/06/24/featured-designer-stephanie-breeze-breeze-design-studio Stephanie Breeze featured on Pattern Observer https://patternobserver.com/2016/06/24/featured-designer-stephanie-breeze-breeze-design-studioStephanie Breeze featured on Pattern Observer https://patternobserver.com/2016/06/24/featured-designer-stephanie-breeze-breeze-design-studioStephanie Breeze is a freelance illustrator and textile designer working from her home studio based in Cheltenham, England. She also has her own line of products comprised of beautiful scarves, notebooks and postcards. We love her highly detailed, feminine aesthetic and were excited to learn more about her design background and current business:

“The road to setting up my own studio, involved working in a few different positions in the fashion and creative industries before getting to where I am today. After leaving university I took a job as a merchandiser for a clothing supplier, this role allowed me to see the fashion industry from a different angle and gave me an understanding about how buyers and designers operate.

After relocating to Cheltenham, I felt a change of direction was needed and I progressed on to a graphic design and photo retouching position for a design studio here in the Cotswolds. The role give me the opportunity to apply my creative skills in new ways, I was able to work on a wide variety of projects including logo design, lookbooks and photoshoots. I was made lead designer for the childrenswear graphics and print projects that we received, I quickly discovered that this element of the role was the area I enjoyed most. I then took a position on the design team as their graphic designer and became heavily involved with the design process, from seasonal direction through to sample stage and sales analysis.

It was a fantastic experience but there came a time where I felt I had more to offer the industry than just my childrenswear designs, so I took the decision to setup my own design studio and go freelance.

Stephanie Breeze featured on Pattern Observer https://patternobserver.com/2016/06/24/featured-designer-stephanie-breeze-breeze-design-studioBreeze Design Studio print for Stevie May


Making the move to becoming freelance has given me the opportunity to explore different areas in the retail industry. Working for clients means I need to keep on top of trends, I enjoy the variety and freedom that comes with running your own studio and it makes the long days and late nights all worth it. If you’d like to see more of my work you can visit the studio’s website at www.breezestudio.co or follow us on Instagram @breezedesignstudio.

This year I decided to expand the business and help market the studio by launching my own range of silk scarves and notebooks. The collection is inspired by botanical worlds of near and far and I focused on my own style of illustration for the collection. I wanted to support the local community with my selection of suppliers all of which are based in the UK. I’m hoping to add to the family of designs very soon, the collection launched last month and is available to view and purchase here: www.stephaniebreeze.co or follow @stephaniebreeze on Instagram.”

The Brise Soleil Collection by Skinny laMinx

Skinny laMinx feature on Pattern Observer https://patternobserver.com/2016/06/22/brise-soleil-collection-skinny-laminxSkinny laMinx feature on Pattern Observer https://patternobserver.com/2016/06/22/brise-soleil-collection-skinny-laminxWe’ve been Skinny laMinx fans for quite some time, so it was a real treat to hear from owner and head designer Heather Moore with news of the latest collection, Brise Soleil. Read on to learn more about this inspiring brand and their colorful new collection!


All about Skinny laMinx

Heather Moore had been working as a self-taught illustrator for some time, creating intricate paper cuts in her spare time, when her husband gave her a screenprinting kit for her birthday. She started screenprinting textiles and blogging about her experiments, then opened an online shop, and Skinny laMinx was born.

Eight years later, and Skinny laMinx is all grown up. There’s a shop on chic Bree Stree in central Cape Town, with a team of 15 people working together in the studio upstairs to create, cut, sew and ship fabric and products to homes and stores across the globe.

Heather’s designs are simple, clear and playful, inspired by the pared-back exuberance of mid-century design, Scandinavian style and Japanese je ne sais quois, with a dose of African chic thrown in for good measure.

Skinny laMinx feature on Pattern Observer https://patternobserver.com/2016/06/22/brise-soleil-collection-skinny-laminxSkinny laMinx feature on Pattern Observer https://patternobserver.com/2016/06/22/brise-soleil-collection-skinny-laminx

All about Brise Soleil

Brise Soleil is a French term (so it’s pronounced breez so-lay) that refers to an architectural screen – usually made of pierced brick or concrete block – which provides shade from the sun. Literally, brise soleil means ‘break the sun’, but along with their shade-making abilities, a brise soleil also provides ventilation, privacy, security and (best of all) decoration!

Brise soleil screens have been part of vernacular architecture in tropical regions for years, so when Modernist architects were working in Africa, Brazil and India, they incorporated these screens into their work, developing the Tropical Modern style that gained popularity in the mid-century housing boom in California, and the rest of the world.

I’m a fan of a practical, non-electrical solution to a hot climate, and I also get very excited about how wonderful patterns can arise through the repetition of very simple units, and that’s how these two ideas came together in this year’s breezebrick-inspired fabric collection, called BRISE SOLEIL.

We’ve put together a rather lovely Lookbook to showcase the new collection, where we’ve put together four “looks”, using the new prints and colours. The lookbook can be viewed online here or in PDF form here.


To learn more visit http://skinnylaminx.com or browse the online shop at http://shop.skinnylaminx.com.

Featured Designer: Courtney Capone

Courtney Capone is a New York-based designer and illustrator specializing in surface pattern design. Her lifelong love of doodling, which used to get her in trouble in class, is now her favorite source of inspiration. She strives to make work that is energetic, cheerful and fresh.

Courtney grew up drawing from an early age, but inherited her love of prints from her maternal grandmother, who was an avid sewer and crafter. “There was always all sorts of vintage fabric and ephemera in my grandma’s sewing room, and I definitely credit that as a huge source of inspiration for me to this day.” She recently decided to focus more on her surface design, and in doing so embarked on a self-initiated challenge to create one pattern a day for 100 days, which she posts to her Instagram. “The challenge has really helped me understand my style, and has cemented that surface design is something that I truly love to do. I look forward to coming home from work and discovering which pattern wants to appear that day, what ends up emerging is often a surprise to me!”

Courtney’s work can be found at her website (www.courtneycapone.com) and you can follow her design challenge on her Instagram (@courtneyecapone). Have a wonderful weekend!

Found Color Palette: Primary Colors


Images via: (clockwise from top left)  Пиксели” by Asparukh Akanayev (cropped from original),  “Primary Colors” by Peat Bakke (cropped from original),  “Primary too” by Scott.Symonds (cropped from original),  “it’s a matter of primary colors” by Elia Scudiero,  “Juergen_ButterflyFish” by Creative Linux (cropped from original) “Deep Blue Cafe” by Les Haines,  “This spoiler did not spoil my day !” by Marja van Bochove untitled by Retinafunk (cropped from original)

Featured Designer: Megan Read

Megan Read, featured designer on Pattern Observer https://patternobserver.com/2016/06/10/featured-designer-megan-read/Megan Read, featured designer on Pattern Observer https://patternobserver.com/2016/06/10/featured-designer-megan-read/Megan Read, featured designer on Pattern Observer https://patternobserver.com/2016/06/10/featured-designer-megan-read/

Talent alert!! Megan Read completely wowed us with her whimsical illustrative patterns, and not just due to the painstaking detail found in her work (which alone is quite something to behold!) But on top of that Megan also has a masterful sense of color and utilizes unexpected palettes to transform her sophisticated designs into something playful, fresh and trend-forward. Count us as major fans!

About Megan

“I am a surface pattern designer and illustrator from Yorkshire and I have always had a pen or pencil in my hand since I can remember. I have continued to develop on my drawing skills all the way through my degree at Leeds College of Art, where I have spent the past three years studying Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design. The focus to my design work is therefore centred on creating original hand drawn designs that are intricately bold in style. I have focused on wallpapers and interior fabrics for my degree show, as not only do I have a love for interiors, I think they are a great place to create an exciting environment and to challenge aesthetics.

My latest collection entitled ‘Opulent Botanic’ is conceptually and trend inspired by the 18th Century Baroque period. This has allowed me to create striking designs that combine traditional and ornamental inspiration with bold illustrations and luxury finishes such as gold screen print overlays, which in turn create a contemporary reference to the design period.

My highly developed digital skills using the Adobe software, allow me to further edit, assemble and print my designs to allow the original qualities of my drawings to be enhanced and printed directly. Although I am fully advanced in digital drawing, I still find that there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the original hand drawn imagery all pulled together into one design.

My latest collection ‘Opulent Botanic’ will be exhibited at the Leeds College of Art degree show on the 10th-16th June (excluding Sundays) and at the prestigious New Designers in London, from the 29th June- 2nd July at stand T14.

You can find more details about me and my work on my website http://www.megan-read.com/ and on my Instagram page @meganreaddesign.”

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