How to Price Exclusive Textile Designs

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I want to take a moment to answer the #1 question that I am asked: “How much should I charge for an exclusive print design?”

The industry norm is between $350- $700 per design. I know this is a very wide range, but I recommend using your best judgment and taking into account the amount of time that was spent on the creative process. If a design takes you 30 minutes, it probably falls in the $350-$450 range (depending on how much design mojo you have on that particular day). If you create a hand-painted masterpiece with extravagant details and so forth, it should probably sell for between $600-$700. If a design takes you months, charge whatever floats your boat. Shoot for the stars.

If you are selling the copyright to the design it is also very important to make sure that it is not too similar to a pattern that you have sold in the past or plan to sell in the future. As designers, we can see all the details and distinctions in our prints, but if the average consumer cannot tell a distinct difference between two pieces of artwork then they are too similar. So what’s a designer to do? Sell one and update the other. A few years ago I purchased a piece of artwork from a studio, only to see almost the exact same print in their collection the following season. It was infuriating and I have never worked with them again.

What comes with the price tag of exclusive artwork is the guarantee that the buyer is getting something exclusive. At the end of the day just go with your gut and charge fair prices. Your customers will appreciate your honest pricing, will know that they are getting value for their money and will return season after season.




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9 Comments on “How to Price Exclusive Textile Designs

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  2. What is the requested size for a print design? I mean, what is the industry norm? And digital delivery or printed on (special) paper?
    Thanks in advance.


  3. I would like to published my own textile pattern design to the world to see, I have been doing design for five years now and loving it.
    But I would like to sale some of my design, what should I do?
    Also start my own business from home so others can see my Designs
    Please do help?

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    A great way to start out is by selling prints through a studio or agent. Textile Design Lab members have access to an extensive Resource Guide which lists textile design studios, agency directories, job boards and lots more. You can learn more about membership here:

  5. Another great post! I used to see and buy prints a lot in the fashion industry and one of our favorite artist/vendors would always notice if he’d had two prints that were too close to sell as separate prints and offer them as a “two-for-one” as if they were coordinates. Very smart, and made you feel like he really aimed to not sell the same thing twice. There was a reason he was one of our favs.

  6. This an eye opener for me go on with my sales in textile.

  7. I am looking for contemporary (exclusive) designs for my bedding products. Please contact me if you are interested and kindly email me your portfolio of previous work.
    The designs must be exclusive and once we purchase them, you will not be able to sell them to anyone else – even slight variations.

  8. I have thousands of unique designs and patterns in every color combination imaginable Sohail Chaudhry I am only now beginning to sell them I have been collecting them for several years. Each and everyone is exclusive please contact me if you are interested in seeing some of them.

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