From The Textile Design Lab: Chelsea’s Challenge

Light challenge Textile Design Lab

Chelsea’s Challenge is a monthly post series in The Textile Design Lab, in which we share design ideas and inspiration to help get your creativity flowing! Whenever I am feeling stuck in a design rut or unsure what to design, it helps to give myself assignments or limitations to help structure my work. The goal of these challenges is to provide a jumping-off point and help spark new ideas for prints that may be outside of your usual go-to themes or styles. I am always blown away by the amazing variety of prints designers come up with when working from the same intial reference, so we always invite our students to share their responses to these challenges on the private forum in The Textile Design Lab. They can request feedback on their work, talk about their process, share techniques, and inspire each other!


Lab members spend four weeks working through the pattern development process, which results in a collection of 3-5 cohesive patterns. Check out some of the beautiful work created in these challenges on our Chelsea’s Challenge Pinterest board.

Feeling inspired? We have over 80 challenges now available in the Textile Design Lab, with a new one released each month. Join us to participate and build your portfolio! -Chelsea

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